The Final Countdowwwn!

First & foremost, please forgive the highly clichéd unoriginal title for this blog post: it’s late, I’m tired, what can I say?!

Bet I got the song in your head though…

So it’s a mere 4 days until my plane takes off from Heathrow! How am I feeling I hear you ask – Excited? Nervous? Well the answer is an anti-climatic…

 “I’m not sure.”

Here’s hoping the emotions will kick in once I start packing my bags! Until then here are a few of my favourite travelling tips I’ve come across over the past few weeks:


  • If you’re not sure if you need it, you don’t.
  • If you’re pretty sure you need it, you don’t.
  • If you’re absolutely certain you need it, you probably still don’t.
  • Your airline’s baggage allowance is a limit, not a challenge.  (Still deciding whether I believe this!)


  • Jokes about security are hilarious. Spending time in jail is less so.
  • Getting drunk on the plane is fun. Being hung over on the plane is horrific. Your call.


  • Being polite goes a very long way.
  • A smile goes even further.
  • Meet the locals. If you’d wanted to hang out with people just like yourself, it would have been much cheaper just to stay home and go to Tesco.
  • Don’t be afraid to screw up. It’s okay. We learn a lot more from our failures than we do our successes.
  • Things will be different to how they are at home. That’s kinda the point.
  • Talking of home, if your UK friends haven’t seen an updated Facebook status from you in the last hour, it’s okay.
  • There will be times when it’s all too hard. Tough it out. You won’t remember the bad times in a couple of months, but…

The good times will stay with you forever.

Please note that these tips were found at:

^^^^  That is what studying a copyright & law module does to you! ^^^^


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